Freeze Protection Services

Freeze Protection Services

At Soorma Trucking, you can protect your products from freezing with our top freeze protection services. We have the experience, equipment and knowledge to keep your freight above freezing during all steps of the transportation process.

Protecting Your Freight From Freezing Temperatures

It all starts with our special handling services. We do everything from monitor the weather to label potentially freezable goods to ensure that these products stay above the critical 32 degrees Fahrenheit temperature point. We handle millions of freezable products per year for thousands of clients.

Never Worry About the Weather

Don’t worry when that cold snap or blizzard comes. We have shelter locations with warm rooms that will be able to protect your freezable goods. It is this attention to your freight that will make all the difference and that will save your inventory.
Also, we can handle freezable products big and small. Soorma Trucking offers protect from freeze LTL services. When you have less than a truckload of freezable goods that need to be protected in transport, we will be able to keep an eye on it from the warehouse to the final delivery.

Available Coast to Coast

Our protect from freeze service is available all across the country. Whether you are looking to protect your goods across the Northeast or the Midwest, we have the warm rooms and fleet that can keep your products safe. This is why so many retail, business, government and military entities rely on us.
Another key to our freeze protection service is our top logistics team. From the moment that your product comes into our warehouse, it will be tracked and monitored.
Keep your products and freight above freezing any time of the year. Contact Soorma Trucking for top freeze protection services today.

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