Government Trucking and Logistics Services

Government Trucking and Logistics Services

Soorma Trucking provides experienced logistical solutions for military freight and other government freight services. Should you require military freight brokers or government freight broker services, you don’t need to spend countless hours looking for them. Instead, choose us. We are not brokers but carriers that boast the same level of expertise and experience. On top of that, not only do we have the logistics and capacity, but unlike freight brokers, we have a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles to get the job done on time.
At Soorma Trucking, we have a top fleet of freight transport vehicles, and we are able to handle everything from local to coast-to-coast freight assignments. Our company has completed many government trucking contracts for both large and small freight transport assignments.

Military Freight on Time and on Budget

The key to Soorma Trucking’s success is advanced logistics that allows us to get freight moving on time and on budget. This makes it easier for military and government entities to move their items on schedule and removes worries about whether the freight will get to its destination on time.
Soorma Trucking also has the capacity and the fleet to work around the country. Whether you are looking to transport freight from the Southeast to the Northeast or require freight to go from the Northeast to the Midwest, we have a solution ready to go.

Government Trucking Contracts Mean Reliability

Our experience as one of the top military freight carriers means that you can trust us to handle the most complex, sensitive, and important freight on your docket. Our team knows how to handle whatever you need to get from point A to point B.
Soorma Trucking makes it easy for you to stay on top of your freight. Our advanced logistics software will allow you to keep track of your load along its entire route. It is this high level of service that has made us a top government contractor. Call us today so that we can bring our expertise to your business.

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